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Since Quincy, MA is a growing city, parking can be hard to come by. Not here at Faxon Edge. Our luxury townhouses are complete with 2-car garages to protect your investments from rain, snow, and sun.

Faxon Edge Garage Floor Plans
Faxon Edge 2nd Floor Plans

2nd Floor

At 672 sq. ft., the second floor is the main living area of the townhouse. It consists of the kitchen with dining area, a living area, a half bath, as well as plenty of storage with a double closet and single closet.

3rd Floor

The third floor provides plenty of space for 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with one of the bathroom having a tub and shower. You will find a washer and dryer on this floor to ensure doing laundry is easier than ever. No more lugging clothes and baskets up multiple staircases. Windows in every room provide ample natural light, and a large hallway allows for access to the attic.

Faxon Edge 3rd Floor Plans
Faxon Edge Attic Floor Plans


Your attic is very spacious with 470 sq. ft. of storage space. The drop down stairs makes it easy to access while not taking up key space within the living area of the third floor.